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The College is committed to promote sports activities towards the all-round growth of its students. The campus has Indoor facilities for Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Volley Ball and Badminton and out-doors facilities for Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Tennis, Ball Badminton. 


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Each College must issue an Identity Card to every player of its school, separately for each of the discipline in which student intends to participate as per the format given below. If a player is participating in four disciplines, four number of separate discipline wise Identity Cards must be issued to her/him. For Athletics & Swimming, the Identity Card must include all the events in which athlete wishes to participate.

In case of Athletics & Swimming the events in which the athlete does not qualify at Cluster/Zone level, must be cancelled or punched before returning.

The Identity Card must be surrendered with the respective Cluster/Zone Organizing School at the time of reporting/registration.

On the last day of the competition, the Identity Card may be returned back to all the respective athletes/players that qualify to participate in the Nova College Of Education Nationals after having countersigned by the Principal of the Cluster/Zone level competition Organizing College with College seal.


Nova College Of Education Sports & Games Competitions 2012-13



(Signature of the Principal & School Seal on the photograph in such a way that half are on photo & half outside the photo)

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